15.06.2020 12:21

Jill Bowring

I’m digging up perennial weeds as fast as I can, some already have seeds. Will drowning kill seeds too?

11.06.2020 16:58

Carole Brownridge

I compost almost everything I can including envelopes! Can I put creeping thistles in my compost pen? It doesn't get to any great heat, and is not usable for at least a couple of years?

19.07.2020 10:00

Rodney Weston

I would drown them first or dry them out on a rack of in a poly bag

09.06.2020 08:20


Hello, great site. In 2017 I built a small device using a Raspberry Pi micro computer to monitor weather parameters etc in the garden Compost included! to view..

31.05.2020 07:46

mark stewart

Hi, I love the idea of using nettles to make a liquid feed. If I use nettles that are flowering will they re-seed after I use the feed? Great site by the way 👍🏻

28.05.2020 05:15

Nova Hsin

I want to learn composting, and I have a lot of reeds and corn stalks, how can I check their organic matter content? (Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium)many thx

20.04.2020 08:52

Lesley Greene

Hi Rod
Following Simon's comment our Community Composting site is currently closed. I have had wanting to light a bonfire to get rid of pernicious weeds when I say "compost them". Help!

20.04.2020 17:09

Rodney Weston

Drown or dry them. See the weed page and Liquid Feeds

17.04.2020 05:46


With the COVID19 ‘Stay at Home’ advice, a lot of people have started burning their garden waste as they do not have a compost bin or facilities to prepare one. Is there a low tech alternative?

13.04.2020 18:48


Hi Rod, what a great website. I was really interested to see the mention of ‘dog poo wormeries’ Does this mean that dog poo can be composted? If yes can cat poo also be composted? Thank you

01.04.2020 16:24

Steve Carlyon

Hi, Thinking of buying a compost bin. Are you still selling/delivering at the moment?

15.01.2020 15:10

Andrew Sayers

What's the best way of using seaweed for vegetable garden ? Compost first (and best way) or apply directly ?

21.01.2020 13:10


The compost bin. The information is more detailed on the actual Composting Seaweed page

20.01.2020 19:19

Andrew Sayers

Thanks Rod. When you say you add sludge to the bin do you mean the compost bin or the waste bin ? As a mulch would you cut the seaweed up, like with a lawn mower or just add as is ?

19.01.2020 13:10


I am not near the coast so get very little seaweed. So I make seaweed tea and then add the sludge to the bin. Adding seaweed as a mulch is good if you have enough

08.07.2019 20:09

Brad Carr

Hi Rod... is there a rough amount of capacity to get rid of say 10kg of food waste... i'm looking to set up vermicompost at a school and need some rough guide lines. if possible.

06.05.2019 16:59

marc mcconnell

I would like to join this initiative!

09.01.2019 18:20


I like the Hotbin composter bins, quite expensive, but relatively easy to keep it hot.I have a couple of Green Johannas at home which can also be used for food and garden waste

09.01.2019 09:41

Teresa Bull

Hi Rodney, my local authority has recently stopped collecting food waste and I am looking at home alternatives. Can you recommend rat proof, low effort (clay soil) system? Thanks

01.06.2018 11:40

Krisztina Tóth

Im from the Tempel Company, Can you send an price offer from the 330 litre plastic compost bin?

02.06.2018 16:57

Rodney Weston

The 330l compost bin is available from The full price is £39.00 subsidized price for "Council" schemes is normally £10.98

25.01.2017 20:05

Paul Cesare

I'd like to compost my tissues and paper towels, which are chlorine bleached. Have ready your post regarding chlorine bleaching, and the dioxins in them. How to remove dioxins? Any way to compost?

23.05.2019 17:10

Paul Hadfield

We found they didn't compost. Have you tried composting them Rodney? I presumed their antimicrobial treatment was the issue, such as the chlorine, as you say Paul. Have you succeeded now? Any tips?

02.06.2018 16:58

Rodney Weston

There should not be a problem in adding tissues and paper towels to the compost bin

25.08.2016 18:30


We would like you to give a talk to our allotment tenants, please get in touch!

23.05.2019 17:09

Paul Hadfield

We found they didn't compost. Have you tried composting them Rodney? I presumed their antimicrobial treatment was the issue. Have you succeeded now Paul? Ant tips?

17.02.2016 09:47

C.M Welagedara

Useful site & Black Coco Peat is a great input for coir compost. visit

19.11.2015 15:17


Love this site

posted you to ours

18.07.2015 11:12


Classic WOW! ™ - Wooden Observation Wormery Compost is available from

17.07.2015 11:44

Kate Gair

I am looking for compost bins which have transparent panels to enable the composting process to be viewed. Kate Gair

26.09.2015 12:48


make sure you position your composter in the shade or you will end up with lots of green algae on the perspex and thus have limited viewing

29.03.2015 20:47


Hi Rod
Great pic showing your bins on raised platform. I've just bought a hotbin and want it it raised to avoid scrabbling at ground level to collect compost. Other ideas welcomed ! Thanks Fiona

12.02.2015 11:52


What a fabulous site with a wealth of info. We have just shared the RotBot pages on our Council facebook page.

08.12.2014 12:16


It is common for allotment sites to prohibit the bringing waste onto the site. In addition there are restrictions on transporting waste and also in the composting animal byproducts.

11.11.2014 23:58

Emma Knight

Can cafe owners that lease allotments sites legally compost their cafe's food waste on their allotment? Neath council say they can't because it is not a licensed waste facility. Any advice??